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Nationwide protests next week

Posted: Fri 24 Mar 2023 15:32
by alan
I have just posted this on facebook

"I don't want to encourage a debate as to the rights and wrongs of the current protests but there has been a call for another nationwide day of protests next Tues. From previous experience, can we expect follow on disruption the next day at airports, on the railways and on the roads. We are hoping to fly into Montpellier on Wednesday afternoon and travel onwards by train or Flixbus to Perpignan and then onto Port Vendres".

We would appreciate helpful advice please.

Re: Nationwide protests next week

Posted: Mon 27 Mar 2023 21:03
by Gus Morris
I'm sorry that nobody has replied. I suspect the reason is that nothing is certain so giving specific advice is not a good idea. Also, those of us who live here permanently tend to have friends who can take us places or pick us up. If we are flying back to the UK or wherever for a short visit we can also leave our car at the airport.

I hope you have a smooth trip.


Re: Nationwide protests next week

Posted: Tue 28 Mar 2023 20:54
by alan
Thanks Gus. As things stand at the moment (Tues evening) our flight has not been cancelled.The trains we were planning to travel on have been but given a bit of luck we should be able to travel from Montpellier to Perpignan changing at Narbonne and then get a rail replacement bus to PV. Fingers crossed.

Re: Nationwide protests next week

Posted: Thu 30 Mar 2023 14:31
by alan
We arrived yesterday. The flight was only delayed a little and after two trains and a replacement bus, we arrived at our second home in PV.