French Citizenship

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French Citizenship

Post by Phip2 »


Following 'the vote' a friend asked me if I was going to apply for French citizenship . I didn't reply because it has never entered my head before but the thought has stayed with me . I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to start getting together the necessary docs and info just in case I decide to apply.

Has anyone else been mulling over the idea ?
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Post by martyn94 »

I did, in the initial mood of shock and disgust after Brexit, but I can't see that it achieves much beyond "permanent residence" which requires much the same qualifications and a few less hoops. But I can imagine working my way back round to it, depending on how Mme Le Pen gets on.

I did, though, get as far as reading a piece on "The Local" which sampled the questions you might get on French history and culture to qualify for citizenship :

"There is a world-famous museum in Paris: is it
(a) the Louvre,
(b) Galeries Lafayette
Why did I not get to write quizzes like that when I was a fonctionnaire?
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Gus Morris
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Post by Gus Morris »

As I've stated elsewhere my personal view is that it's worth looking at any quick and easy options. By way of insurance.

So I've asked for my Carte de Sejour to be reinstated. A friend paid the princely sum of 86 Euros and got an Irish passport in six weeks. It is estimated that at least five million UK citizens qualify for Irish nationality let alone other European countries.

Obtaining French nationality appears to be a long drawn out procedure. Easier for some than others.

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Post by montgolfiere »

parent or grandparent born onthe emerald isle is required for irish passport
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Post by catllar »

I've got one of the Carte de Sejour Permanante and despite the amount of paper needed, it wan easy and straightforward.

I'm applying for french nationality - a lot of documents needed and the completed file goes to Montpellier. It's going to take a while to get everything together.
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