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Girona to Perpignan August 30th?

Posted: Sat 25 Aug 2018 22:33
by ScottishJenny

Just wondered if anyone is driving from Girona airport towards Perpignan on the morning/early afternoon of August 30th?

My boyfriend and I will be arriving at Girona Airport from the Berlin Ryanair flight and then heading in the direction of Perpignan where we're moving for my work. :D This will be us arriving in the city so we'll also have 3 suitcases with us....

Happy to pay some money in return (or can also offer cat or dog sitting I'm a big animal fan and keen to meet some furry friends in the area too!)



Posted: Sun 26 Aug 2018 21:20
by Helen
Hi Jenny, just in case you don't get a response - there's always Flixbus.

There are 5 buses a day which stop at Girona Airport and then Perpignan. The fare is around £14

There appears to be one at 14.15 which might suit you

All the best for new job in Perpignan


Posted: Sat 06 Oct 2018 10:40
by ScottishJenny
Hi Helen,

Sorry for the really late reply, I had some trouble logging into the forum but finally a month on I have cracked it! Just wanted to say thanks for the tip, we did end up taking the bus in the end. :-) Have a great weekend!