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Fire wood for winter in Cassagnes...

Posted: Sun 15 Aug 2010 15:00
by LadyBass
Sorry to mention winter in August but where can we buy split logs for our wood burner please?

Any advice on best wood to burn that is easy to get in PO and what price can we expect to pay?

AND can anyone reccomend a supplier they use...?

We tried some that my sister gave me from a tree they cut down last year and it was useless. Our 12KWburner was pathetic unless I sat right next to it. Stories of you will be pinned to the back wall sadly didn't materialise ! Could be the massive gaps in the floorboards granted but we are hoping to draft proof and insulate in Sept.

Long boring post sorry ............ yawn


Posted: Wed 18 Aug 2010 15:53
by Lostweekend
We use Andy at Sarl Distribois in Le Boulou ( 0468 876860 ) I dont know if he will deliver to you but worth a call.
Last year he was charging €50.00 for a stere of Chestnut and a bit more for Oak and Beech.
All firewood should, I believe wait at least 2 years since felling and ideally 3 or as you found out it will not give out heat and in some woods give up a lot of soot
It is very strange that in a department seamingly covered in wood the prices paid for firewood are, I am told some of the highest in France.
Keep warm

Posted: Wed 18 Aug 2010 15:59
by thumbelina
This could probalby be because more people heat here with wood than anywhere else in France.

Thanks for reply

Posted: Thu 19 Aug 2010 00:16
by LadyBass
Thanks Lost and Thumbs will give him a call.... hard to imagine being cold at the moment :wink: