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Eucalyptus trees

Posted: Wed 11 Feb 2009 16:10
by Kate
Can anybody give me any info about the disease that seems to have hit the Eucalyptus trees recently? On a walk this morning, I notice that many of them are dying (although new leaves seem to be coming through too) and I have heard that they have been struck by something nasty this year but I can't seem to find out what!!

Posted: Wed 11 Feb 2009 16:38
by Sav
Not sure if this helps Kate, but shows recent storm damage by Klaus !
You might be able to get info from this site, with reference to your problem.

Cheers Sav :)

Posted: Wed 11 Feb 2009 22:00
by thumbelina
It's an insect, Kate. The trees, unfortunately, won't recover. Will get you the name if you want?

Posted: Wed 11 Feb 2009 22:20
by PaddyFrog
Apart from Koala the main health problems of the trees is a disease known as Leap Psyllid, which eats away at the bark and causes the tree to slowly die.

There is no cure for this and the other problems with Eucalyptus, there is hope in the future to have some systemic spray but this is a future job.

Posted: Thu 12 Feb 2009 07:20
by thumbelina
This insect - and also the illness that affects Plane trees - actually came into France on weapon boxes during the second world war, apparently :?

Posted: Thu 12 Feb 2009 10:14
by Kate
Thanks everybody
I was going to do a bit of an article on it, as I was so amazed to see these poor dying trees up in Llauro yesterday, but I can't find much on the 'net. That is fascinating Thumbs about the weapon boxes. Any idea where I can find out more?? Is the Leap Psyllid that Pads talks about the name of the insect?

Posted: Thu 12 Feb 2009 11:02
by sue and paul
It looks to me as though it might be properly called a Lerp Psyllid, but as its nests are known as leaps, it also has that name. Or does it leap around...maybe. It also seems that a researcher whose surname is Leap has written material on it.

I googled Leap Psyllid, and was asked if I meant Lerp Psyllid - THEY'RE asking ME??!! :lol:

Posted: Thu 12 Feb 2009 13:49
by thumbelina
Will ask the oracle later - needless to say it was him! lol (I think it is Lerp!)

Posted: Thu 12 Feb 2009 19:09
by PaddyFrog
Its the same thing Leap Psyllid is the name used California and Australia,
as well as Lerp Psyllid.

Here are links which will give you more info. ... 2015.shtml ... t_rglp.pdf