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Fertiliser/engrais - rabbit, sheep or hen?

Posted: Tue 20 Oct 2015 12:14
by mrsq53
Does anyone know where I can buy allotment manure or fertiliser? Our allotments get the council 'cooked' weeds but I would like to feed my allotment with something more nourishing this winter.

Posted: Tue 20 Oct 2015 13:03
by Sue
We had a chap come to the door last week asking if we wanted any. I just pointed at our all gravel garden!! :D I have seen it in bags similar to compost bags in Netto at Le Boulou and in garden centres. It is called fumier.


Posted: Tue 20 Oct 2015 14:18
by mrsq53
Thanks Dylan. I've seen the garden centre/Leroy M stuff and was hoping for something cheaper/locally generated! However all answers/advice most gratefully received.

Posted: Tue 20 Oct 2015 14:35
by Sue

Posted: Tue 20 Oct 2015 16:04
by Santiago
I'd stay away from those bags of terreau, they are not fully composted and contain few nutrients.

Arterris is a chain of cooperative farming/allotment suppliers. They sell organic and non-organic fertiliser.

Fertilisers are defined by their NPK content. That's Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Usually, the P isn't needed much here but N and K are. Comparing the figures will tell you how potent the fertiliser is. Also, organic N releases at a slower rate than chemical N.

Alternatively, contact you nearest riding stables. I did it once. Now I buy fertiliser :)