Volunteers wanted

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Volunteers wanted

Post by Kate » Thu 18 Dec 2008 12:08

I have received an email from someone who has been asked if they know of anyone who would be prepared to support/help out with British cancer suferers in France.
The web site below will give you all the info necessary
There but for the Grace of God......

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Roger O
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Post by Roger O » Thu 18 Dec 2008 19:05

I notice that the latest updates of all sections on the site are all 2007.
E.g. under "Latest News"
CPAM and Health Changes

Health issues update as of 14th. December 2007-12-15
Whereas under the "official site"
The latest update is
Latest News
last updated 20/09/2008
last updated 20/09/2008

Seems a little strange that nothing seems to have been added to
www.cancersupportfrance.info in 2008?

I could be (possibly) interested in helping in some capacity or other, seeing as Carcassonne is mentioned as an area needing a branch, but, on the other hand, I'm always rather wary of websites with outdated information, especially those purporting to belong to a charity or "some kind of community service"!

I "backtracked" the phone number given here and found
The Fund is in the process of Partnering with other leading United Kingdom charities.
The scope of clients covered will then extend to most former United Kingdom citizens.
For further information please contact: Mary Hughes on 0468234379
Hughes Timothy
Le Village
04 68 23 43 79

Cazalrenoux is 41 Km from Palaja where I live, so reasonably close.

Kate, have you had any direct contact with this lady?

PS Don't get me wrong, but I never jump into things without a careful first look or three!!

PPS Peter, if you read this thread, I noticed that there is no mention in your Languedoc Page forum. Have you heard anything of this organisation?

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Post by PaddyFrog » Thu 18 Dec 2008 23:45

Peter on the first link, second one you have put an extra dot


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