How to choose a VPN?

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Re: How to choose a VPN?

Post by martyn94 » Tue 02 Oct 2018 00:00

mariad wrote:I have been to a lot of forums and communities where people are looking for recommendations and how to make a choice.

Well, there are a lot of things to consider How to choose a VPN service?

Most important is the price, then comes the servers, encryption and many other factors.

I believe for me the two most important factors are the number of servers available and the price being charged for the subscription.

I would like to know what factors do VPN users on this forum take into consideration while choosing a VPN?
I usually look at the sub-forum I’m thinking to post on - “Entertainments and Eventsâ€￾ in the present case - and go somewhere else where people might know about VPNs.

If you do manage to find the right spot (maybe “Hi-Tech/Geekâ€￾?) I still won’t give a damn, but there are others here who do.

Apart from the sensible things you mention, you might think about security and encryption. A VPN operator can access everything you send or receive, if it’s transmitted in a form that it can read.

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