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Les Municipaux

Posted: Tue 06 Mar 2018 16:28
by martyn94
Some will remember the film shot in Port-Vendres last September starring Les Chevaliers du Fiel. They are now doing some showings “en avant-premièreâ€￾ at the Vauban.

Not only that, they are free, while stocks last. My tickets are for this Friday, though there are, or were, a couple of other dates which Google could no doubt find. But don’t hang about.

Available from the service animations at the mairie on rue Jules Pams. On the right as you go in.

Posted: Wed 14 Mar 2018 17:17
by martyn94
Not quite free, in the event: the ticket from the mairie was a “ ticket-to-get-a-proper-ticketâ€￾. But €5.50 isn’t ruinous.

It’s funny, and good-natured (apart from some snarky remarks about Collioure, which I enjoyed). A step up from “Carry on Sweepingâ€￾.

I wondered how much I would follow: they did a charity gig down here a few years ago which I missed much of. But I was a long way from the stage, and the PA was awful, and I suspect that they lay on the “accent d’iciâ€￾ heavier on live gigs down here.

In the event, it was fine. Watch it when it comes out properly in a few weeks time: Port-Vendres looks almost as nice in it as it is in real life.