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Christmas Market

Posted: Wed 21 Oct 2015 14:58
by Smiley G
Does anyone know if there will be the usual Christmas Market in St Jean Plats de Corts this November?
If so, what is the date and the time?

Thanks in advance

Posted: Wed 21 Oct 2015 19:00
by Kate
Think it's going to be the first Sunday of September. Rachel Treloar is organising it so will check it out with her.

Posted: Wed 21 Oct 2015 19:04
by Sue
Rachel Treloar shared FAB Networks's post to the group: PO Life.
6 October at 12:08 ·
I hope this is OK to post here - if not please remove. We do have some openings for new stands at this years Xmas fair - see below. Thanks

FAB Networks
6 October at 12:04 ·
Every year FAB Networks in conjunction with CSF Sud organise the Great British Xmas Market at St Jean Pla de Corts. This year the date for the fair is Sunday 6th December 2015 - Price of the stand and details of set up etc will be announced in Early Nov after we have had our meeting with the Mairie.

If you are interested in having a stand please email me on letting me know - (1) what you propose to sell, (2) how many metres you would like, (3) whether you need electricity (there are only so many points).

Preference will be given to those that have exhibited before but we do have some vacancies and we also try not to have exhibitors selling the same thing or things that are not Xmas/gift related.

Posted: Thu 22 Oct 2015 19:48
by martyn94
Are we meant to just guess whether FAB networks is worth our support (if not, I tend towards "bah, humbug")? Googling reveals nothing useful.

Posted: Thu 22 Oct 2015 19:57
by Sue

Posted: Thu 22 Oct 2015 22:05
by martyn94
Many thanks.

Posted: Mon 26 Oct 2015 03:30
by haament
Thank you for your share