Hello from Russia

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Hello from Russia

Post by Helen_VDB »

Hello everyone!

My name is Helen, I'm 36, work as an interpreter, and I've joined this forum because my husband Olivier may well inherit a house in the Pyrénées-Orientales in a couple months. It would be quite the uncommon way to end up there, since he's Belgian, I'm Scottish, and we met in Moscow, but well, that's a whole different topic!

Since I'm not that familiar with the French language (we mostly speak English with my husband...), I joined this community, so that I could talk about this region and understand most of what I can read.

I hope I'll soon be able to join you there!
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Post by Kate »

Welcome to the forum Helen. :-)
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Post by martyn94 »

If all other languages fail, you could try Russian here. I made an idle remark about Russian a few months ago, and got more responses (in proper Cyrillic characters, which is more than I can do on an IPad) than I would have expected about anything English.
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Re: Hello from Russia

Post by Colliourette »

Did you move in the end? :)
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