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Introductions and questions - with thanks

Posted: Sun 27 Nov 2016 14:27
by mumof6
My name is Patricia (from Canada) and I am considering spending a month or two in France this summer (July-August). I will be bringing 4 of my children (14,11,9,7) with me.
I would like to sign them up for football (soccer) or other kids programs where they will interact with other children their ages. The older two speak French relatively well and the little two will begin french immersion next Sept.
Formal language lessons are not what I'm looking for - just playing and learning at the same time. However, if there were a high school student I might hire who would consider "playing" or "babysitting" the children and letting them practice speaking - that would be wonderful.

Any advise you might have would be so greatly appreciated. It's very hard to plan something like this from here with no idea where to start.

Wonderful website by the way - great great work!

Posted: Sun 27 Nov 2016 15:27
by Kate
Hello Patricia.
Welcome to the forum and so glad you like the website.
You don't say what area you will be moving to. My advice would be to contact the local lycee and ask them to pass it on to their 6th form. I'm sure there would be plenty of them who would volunteer, particularly at the idea of making some pocket money to have fun!

Might also be worth repeating this post on our Facebook group PO Life at ... ts&fref=ts
Best of luck

Posted: Sun 27 Nov 2016 15:32
by mumof6
I'm really not sure where would be best but definitely in the P-O region. I would prefer a smaller city/town but I'm open to whatever direction I'm pointed.
Thanks for the advice

Posted: Sun 27 Nov 2016 16:30
by tia
Hi. If you are here July and August then that would be during French school holidays. I doubt you will find soccer classes butyou could ask at the mairie of the town you decide to stay about Centre de loisirs. UCPA also offer courses and l'Udsist do sailing and horse riding courses ( St Cyprien). Will all depend where you decide to stay as the PO is pretty big .