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Bon(ne) après-midi

Posted: Sun 29 Jan 2017 19:43
by martyn94
I was going to say that my boulangère wished me "bon après-midi" today about 1230, and to add that no-one ever says that in Normandy, although they do quite often say "bonne fin de l'après-midi" a bit later on, which I never hear down here, though to compensate they say "bon soir" down here a bit earlier than they would up there.

The marginally more interesting thing, it turns out, and if you're an obsessive pedant, is that "après-midi" can be either masculine or feminine, depending how you choose to toss the coin. Fashions have apparently changed over the centuries, but the jury is still out.

Posted: Sun 29 Jan 2017 22:29
by catllar
S'obvious - the earlier you say 'bonsoir' the earlier you can break out the aperos!!