New in France

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New in France

Post by adolescent »

Bonjour everyone,
I am really happy to find an English speaking community in France.
But is this forum only related to P-O? I am staying in le creusot.

Infact I am looking for a general english speaking community for overall France to learn, know and discuss about many aspects of France. Without knowing the language as a new comer, it feels blind. Any help from you would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
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lonesome paddy
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Post by lonesome paddy »

This Forum would be mainly geared to the P.O region but some of the issues raised in the posts would affect or be of interest to many people from a similar background throughout France
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Post by Merisin »

This far from being the only English speaking forum for people living in France. There are also numerous groups on Facebook. Don't know much about other forms of social media. I would have thought English speakers in Le Creusot might be a bit thin on the ground. I assume from your handle that you're a fair bit younger than most of the contributors to this talking shop. You might do worse than have a word with the languages department of your local university. If you google The Languedoc Page they have a list of English speaking forums in France,

Hope that helps.

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