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The End of the Line?

Posted: Mon 02 Sep 2019 07:52
by Merisin
I don't know what happened yesterday. I tried to write a few words but it didn't work. So here we go again!

As of yesterday this forum had been inactive for a fortnight. There are thousands of English speakers in the PO and yet here silence reigns supreme. Why? There is so much going on but not a dicky bird on here. It makes me feel a bit sad. Was there nobody at Collioure when the firework display malfunctioned? Did nobody know the English speaking lady who died tragically at Port Vendres. Let alone have thoughts about the effects of the "B" word? In a lighter vein what about the latest Poldark?

Like I said it's a shame. People don't even have anything to say about the articles on the web site. The result of a lot of hard work and research. What a pity that we've ended up like this.


Re: The End of the Line?

Posted: Mon 02 Sep 2019 18:22
by Florence
I assumed that people were on holiday and not looking at the forum. I often check to see if anyone's asked for info or help in case I can be of assistance, having lived here quite some time. Maybe people tend to look more to FB, there are so many groups dealing with life in France, cartes de séjour, driving license exchange and such, and the "B" -word.
Not even a peep from contributors such as Martyn94 or Gus et. al.!

Re: The End of the Line?

Posted: Tue 03 Sep 2019 13:54
by Kate
I’m still here. :D
To be fair, you have said this same thing quite a few times over the years under various aliases :lol: but of course, you are right, and Facebook has pretty well obliterated most forums. It’s not ‘the end of the line’ though cos it’s still here....but it’s only as good as it’s members!
Instead of taking time mourning the demise of the forum, why not post something of interest yourself and see If it drums up any response?

Re: The End of the Line?

Posted: Tue 03 Sep 2019 14:17
by BT
I hope not. I check the site to times a week & Facebook every day.

Re: The End of the Line?

Posted: Fri 06 Sep 2019 14:20
by Im knew to this
Here goes! I hope it's not the end of the line having just found you!
Can anyone offer any advice about taking on a French builder? How it works? Payment schedules etc..
Just at the stage where I'm getting builders to come and have a look to quote. It's not a huge project but I'm not here full time so will have to go backwards and forwards so a bit nervous about leaving a builder I don't know to work unattended as it were...

anyway, really happy to find this site and I hope it continues for a long time...
Hello to everyone and thanks to the people who run it. :)