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Saint Cyprien parking charges

Posted: Fri 07 Jul 2017 18:15
by Kate
By email

St. Cyprien has introduced summer season parking charges this year. It would seem that they are being less than honest with these charges. On 25 June I parked at the Trayou Beach. On bringing up the charges for parking the machine window clearly stated 2.50 euros would allow me 2 hours 30 minutes of parking whilst 2 euros would give 2 hours. I put 2 euros in the machine, placed the ticket in the windscreen and went to the beach. Some 1 hour 45 minutes later I returned to place another 2 euros in the machine. On looking at the parking ticket I saw that my 2 euros had not purchased 2 hours but only 1 hour 15 minutes of parking. Upon looking at the first ticket I found the same timing applied. Are St. Cyprien trying to gain even more money by charging for overparking by not giving the full, stated time on the machine? This is a problem that needs to be sorted immediately. Unfortunately I am unable to communicate with anyone at the Marie.