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French TV

Posted: Thu 23 Mar 2017 10:26
by Gus Morris
Why are some programmes so long? I've been watching Les Temoins 2 on FR2. Do they really need to show two one hour episodes one after the other? This week they had an interesting current affairs programme investigating some of the more dubious aspects of the catholic church in France. Two hours plus a discussion.Far too long in my opinion.

I try to watch the evening news and Arte has some interesting stuff too. I must admit I've watched more French TV since I lost Freesat.


PS I don't need any recommendations on ways of watching UK TV. Thanks but no thanks.

Posted: Thu 23 Mar 2017 11:36
by martyn94
Various reasons, I suspect. Partly because it's cheaper, per minute, than making them shorter. Partly, on some chains, because you can sell more advertising if you can keep your audience for an hour rather half an hour. Partly, and linked to that, because longer programmes can flatter the audience that they are getting something more sophisticated. But mostly, I guess, because there is so much more time to fill, and only finite talent and material. And of course they don't have cricket to mop up the surplus.