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Posted: Wed 11 Jan 2017 00:59
by martyn94
It's a cliché that the various police forces here don't communicate with each other, and like most clichés it remains true.

My sister had her car nicked in mid-November, which we duly reported to the gendarmerie. We were about to make the loss claim to the insurers (after the waiting period they require to allow it to re-appear) when we got a terse message a couple of days ago from the police municipale saying that it had been "abusively parked" for some weeks not far from our home, and telling us to shift it. They had necessarily consulted the car-registration database to find out how to contact us, but apparently got no indication there that it had long since been reported stolen.

In the event, we found it not much the worse for wear, except that our robbers managed to wreck one of the front tyres, which is no doubt why they abandoned it.

On the other hand, we got exemplary service when we called the gendarmes to see if they wanted to give it a once-over before we recovered it. They came quickly, examined it carefully, and were entirely courteous (not to say quite funny), and even insisted on fitting the spare wheel for us (which I found a bit unflattering, but not to the extent that I fought them for the privilege).