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Posted: Fri 18 Aug 2017 13:34
by martyn94
Allan wrote:Well, I can't say that I recognise the character description 😊😊

I've never watched the program, to be honest I find pretty well all TV comedy to be puerile at best.

My sense of humour is clearly out of step with the writers.
I don't follow TV comedy very much myself (apart from Bilko, obviously). But as neill mitchell said above, it's "more of a documentary than a sitcom", especially if you've ever worked there. And I suspect that Sir Humphrey is now familiar, as a "type", to many people who don't, or hardly, know the programmes. Do persevere: they are quite good, and wonderfully well observed. I'd love to think that it's not like that now: but given the emerging Brexit omnishambles, I can only assume that it's worse.