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Orange Customer Service

Post by Kate » Fri 15 Mar 2019 11:28

I just thought I would share my experience with Orange Fr for the good or interest of your readers, I wrote the following on their forum today, its more about the way their customer services treat you like if they make it hard they hope you will go away and they can keep your money….. feel free to edit and use, and to leave my name, hoping it helps someone

Hello All,

Here is a VERY short summary of my issue...

I have had an ongoing issue with Orange France since Sept 2018, (Now Mar 2019) after closing my 10 year account with them and correctly to their instruction, returning my equipment (TV & Wi-Fi router) they owed me 49€ that I left as deposit 8 years ago.

I have called the English helpline (+33 9 69 36 39 00) twice per month since last September (so about 12 times), who have been quite useless, every time I get a different person who gives a different excuse, and sometimes even blaming me!!

I have several case numbers but each new person does not want to know, they are very rude and often tell you be quiet while they talk, not giving you a chance to explain even when you remain quiet while they talk. I have had three councillors put the phone down on me, even today I tried to explain that the process the counsellor was going to follow that he explained to me was the same process as last month that also failed to refund my money, even though I gave the person a case number for the same process last month, that includes sending me a letter to sign & return which I already did, I explained I have a copy, but he refused to listen saying we would have to go through the same process again...!!!

If anyone from orange is listening My old line = 0468542122, and SOME of my case numbers are...


Very disillusioned with Orange customer service makes TalkTalk UK look good and they are really bad, but I am not giving up, it is not the money anymore it's the principle and I will continue until I get the money back no matter how long it takes..!

Best Regards
Wayne Blackwell

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