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internet speed

Posted: Thu 03 Jan 2019 21:39
by sue and paul
I'll preface this by saying I know little of the hi-tech world. However, living in St André 66690, we have grown accustomed to chronically low broadband, because we are the limit of the exchange in Sorède. Recently however, we have heard that Orange are giving us a boost with a new facility in St André. Does anyone know if this is now in service?

Re: internet speed

Posted: Fri 04 Jan 2019 10:14
by Ted & Jemima
Hello. This web page gives you updates on coverage: ... aint-andre

The latest update was 11 Nov 2018: ... 6-66168ddr
which said [machine translated]:
"Central of SAINT ANDRE (DDR66)
The central ADSL DDR66 is located in the municipality of Saint-André . Also identified by the code 66168DDR, this connection node has a capacity of 0 telephone lines for a maximum speed of 95 Mb / s.
The distributor of SAINT ANDRE is equipped in VDSL by Orange and has not yet been unbundled. The DDR66 central office is indirectly equipped by Bouygues Telecom with VDSL and OVH with ADSL thanks to a collection agreement signed with a third party operator."
... which seems to say your community is still awaiting Orange to 'unbundle' the new 95Mbs connection.

Ted & Jemima

Re: internet speed

Posted: Fri 04 Jan 2019 13:22
by sue and paul
Thanks for going to the trouble of researching this. And also for your summing up, without which it all looks like a jumble of acronyms to me! We'll wait with interest then.......