CPU usage Studio One V3

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CPU usage Studio One V3

Post by robinsenny » Mon 09 Jul 2018 14:50


I have recently upgraded to Win 10 and Studio One V3 and I've noticed extreme spikes in my CPU. I've tried every tweak there is out there for CPU reduction, from the C state of my processor and power management in windows to anything you can name. Then to make sure that my PC isn't the problem (it's an intel i5 6600 with 24BG ram, a decent machine I would say for my needs) I've bought Reaper and made the same test and the result was something about half the CPU that Studio One used! To test it I played a part with one(!) instance of Kontakt that I load two heavy instruments that played simultaneously (both listened to midi channel 1), I'm saying they are heavy because they're instruments with many round robin samples and they can reach easily something between 150 to 200 voices playing at the same time when I'm playing fast chord progressions so this number is multiplied by two, one for each instrument inside this one instance of kontakt. Anyway, I've tried it in Studio One and the CPU exploded to somewhere between 30% to 40% which is extremely high and Reaper gave something around 14% (more then half less cpu). The difference is more obvious when I load a simple piano library (kontakt again), Reaper is in a constant and smooth 4%-5% and Studio one starts at 5-6 and spikes to a sudden 15% than back then again 15 etc! The thing is that I didn't had this problem with win 8, not even with Studio One V2 (I thought V3 will be even better) it was a much more stable setup and I can't get my head around it to understand what is going on. Any suggestions?

Please help.

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