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Roku and tvcatchup

Posted: Sun 11 Feb 2018 19:01
by jethro
I'm thinking of buying a Roku, but need to be certain of getting tvcatchup or tvplayer on it. I already access tvcatchup on my smart (well, fairly intelligent) tv and on all three of my computers, but it's a drag lugging a laptop up the stairs to plug it into my dumb tv set. I'd rather plug in a Roku and access the Internet wirelessly. Is this feasible ? Or even faisable ?

Posted: Tue 13 Feb 2018 13:05
by kenny
Im fairly sure most Android boxes, will allow you to install the Apps you mentioned

Is the Roku Android

I use a Minix X9 android box,

If you want a definitive answer on the Roku and the apps you mention
I would search on a Roku forum

If you elect to buy a Minix, which the brand Ive used for four years
there is a Minix forum

you could search there for the apps you mention

You mention wirelessly, any Android box will work wirelessly
or wired, see rj45. Wired of course will give you a better connection to internet

Any Android Box, connected to your Dumb TV using HDMI or VGA , will transform your Dumb TV to a full Android box, think of like connecting an Android phone or tablet to your TV ... oid+tv+box

Posted: Tue 13 Feb 2018 17:37
by Allan
I wouldn’t buy buy a Roku for this, it doesn’t run Android, I don’t believe TVcatchup is available and you can’t run a VPN on it.

You would be far better to buy an Android TV box which will give you a far greater choice of applications and much greater flexibility.

I bought a Roku a few years ago and found it quite disappointing.