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Free Internet technical support

Post by Allan » Fri 20 Oct 2017 17:05

During the storm yesterday, my Freebox went bang and died.

I'm not overly bothered as I only subscribed to get unlimited 4G from them and only use it as a backup to my 4G setup but I suppose I need to get a replacement.

With Orange, they just sent me a reference number to swap it out in one of their shops, has anyone had a replacement box with Free, if so what is their normal procedure?

I've never had to contact them in the past but their website client area offers me a hotline identifier and password but no explanation of what it is for?

I've logged this problem using their email system and as I have said, it isn't a priority for me but I would be interested to know what the best way of contacting them is?

Martyn, I suspect this one is for you.

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Post by martyn94 » Fri 20 Oct 2017 17:38

I’m one of those lazy gits who’ve never thrown any of my gmail emails away, and have saved a few to a file called “miscâ€￾. When I signed up with Free, I got an email headed “merci d’avoir choisi Freeâ€￾. If you can find that, it gives a number and a password to deal with them on line. Entirely different, obviously, from any other identifiers they might use for any other purposes (like your phone number). On the other hand, if you can get their technical people on the phone, they can identify you inside a few seconds by your surname, if it’s as unusual, in France, as mine. How many people do you know called “94â€￾?

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