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Internet tv advice

Posted: Wed 18 Mar 2015 21:10
by MountainGal
Can anyone give me some techy advice please? Have now got tv through livebox with the special plugs as livebox downstairs and living room upstairs. Have tried to speak to sosh to see if I can have tv also on the second floor bedroom. However, I got conflicting answers; 1 person said I could but would need a 2nd decoder and would need to change over to orange to do so and the 2nd person said I didn't need a 2nd decoder and could find out how to do it on the orange website, but I had no joy on that either!!?? Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Posted: Thu 19 Mar 2015 08:58
by Allan
I really think you need to speak to Sosh, only they can tell you if they can supply a second decoder.

I cannot see how you can decode programs on a different TV without a decoder

Dual TV Connection.

Posted: Thu 19 Mar 2015 09:56
by malcolm4664
Alan is correct, you will need a separate decoder, however before you venture into the magical and mystical world of Sosh and Orange service this is my advice for what it is worth. For this reason, and we were not alone, judging by the shoals of complaints Orange have to handle.
Last year I had a cosy little package with SOSH giving me TV, LiveBox and phone line at a very attractive rate with cheap calls as a bonus.
I decided to add our two mobile phones on the package not realising that the special offer that Orange had sent me was not applicable to SOSH. The upshot is we ended up instead with a more expensive ORANGE OPEN package instead with loss of the low cost call programme. Not only that but it was only after we had received 42 pieces of paper to complete, sign and return and making over 2.5 hours of calls to the English HELP line and Orange itself that we restored our bankers orders and some sanity into the system.
My suggestion is that you invest in a call to John at BigDishSatellite tel. 0555787298 who sell bit of kit that will relay your TV signal to another TV. Failing that the staff at Darcy can also supply you with a similar system.
My advice is hang onto SOSH and try one of the many packages that are available either from the above or off the Internet.