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Vine yards

Posted: Fri 30 Jan 2015 21:06
by plowsy
does anyone know how much rent a hectare of local vines of reasonabale quality would be . just thinking that a small vineyard would be a nice place to live if the land and vines could be rented out if possible. Any one know how easy that would be ? Dave London

Posted: Sat 31 Jan 2015 07:59
by tia
Don't understand exactly what you want to do but if it is to rent a vineyard and live on that land then i think it is virtually impossible ( unless there is a house on it already).


Posted: Sat 31 Jan 2015 09:53
by plowsy
well that's about it .I was looking to buy a vineyard with a house!! to rent.I wondered if anyone knows about how much rented land tarrifs are and whether its easy to find tenants.

Posted: Sat 31 Jan 2015 13:09
by tia
Hi, a vineyard with a house are pretty rare but can be found. Most will be up for sale with an estate agents though so probably best place to start. I have never heard of someone renting the vineyards out but always possible i suppose.
I asked the question about a house as a lot of people think they can just buy a vineyard and put a caravan, mobile home etc on it and this is not the case. The mairie will get them off asap
Hope you find what you are looking for :D

Posted: Sun 01 Feb 2015 19:29
by Santiago
Tia is right.

I'm also a bit confused about the question. Perhaps Plowsy could explain exactly what he wants to do as I don't understand it yet.