UK ‘Not Allowed’ to Leave the EU

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Re: UK ‘Not Allowed’ to Leave the EU

Post by SteveB » Thu 06 Dec 2018 19:01

[/quote] The biggest problem IMHO is that many members are apathetic and don't bother to take part in the decision making processes. They then blame "The EU" for making decisions that they don't like[/quote]

Quite. I’m struck by the absurdity of the British public voting for UKIP MEPS, with the result that we’re represented in the European Parliament by people don’t believe in it (though that doesn’t stop them drawing generous expenses for doing b****r all).

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Re: UK ‘Not Allowed’ to Leave the EU

Post by martyn94 » Mon 10 Dec 2018 15:03

GrahamC wrote:
Fri 30 Nov 2018 17:08
martyn94 wrote:
Sun 25 Nov 2018 21:53
Can you point to any reliable source of news that says anything even remotely like this? As things stand, we are headed out of the EU, pretty soon, whether we or M Macron like it or not. Assuming it doesn’t all go tits up in the HoC next week (and even that of course doesn’t stop us leaving the EU: it just makes the shambles even worse)

When an avowed Europhile starts talking about a “European Empire”, I start to doubt their sanity, or at least their grasp of English.

And why on earth shouldn’t other states try to “punish us” for “exercising our treaty rights”, if they don’t like the results and are in a position to punish us for producing them? International relations are not the vicar’s tea-party. But since you are, yet again, talking in riddles, it was a mistake on my part to rise to the bait.
You can research the Macron quote for yourself Martyn. It’s in the Guardian and the Telegraph, so you can choose your political flavour. Both left and right interpret his remarks in the same way.

And while you’re at it, read the COD definitions for Empires and Federations. You’ll quickly see which most closely describes the current European governmental structure. It might then help you to understand why some pro-EU ‘luminaries’ now openly refer to the term.

I believe it was you who described the EU broadly as a benign muddle, or similar. Laughable, now that we've seen how it’s acting towards the UK.
There was a famous (though possibly apochryphal) headline in Times in the 1930s

“Fog in the Channel; Continent cut off”.

That seems to about the size of Graham C’s (and many other Brexiters’ to the extent that they think at all) view of the world. We join their club, we choose to leave their club. On neither occasion with a gun to our backs. We don’t get some fantasy deal that we were never going to get (from 27 other sovereign states who none of them owe us a living): so we’re being punished.

Wake up and look at the map: it isn’t all pink anymore, like it was when I was very small.

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