Ça y est!!!

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Ça y est!!!

Post by vieux hibou » Sun 04 Jan 2009 14:22

That's (I think) all the restaurants commented on in various threads collated into the alphabetical list. I had to divide the list up quite a bit as I found that there is a limit to how long an individual posting can be. Still, that means less scrolling down if you are looking for a particular location.

I have done a preliminary proofreading for typos, misspellings etc but I expect there will still be some errors. The main thing though is to let me know a) if I have missed any restaurants out and b) if there are significant changes - such as restaurants disappearing, chefs changing etc. I'll work gradually towards adding telephone numbers, URLs and opening hours and I'll take up the suggestion (thanks Serge!) of marking whether a review is either positive or negative with a green or red asterisk.

The original threads will be left for a few days for you to look through them and catch me out with any omissions.

Finally, many thanks to everyone who has gone out there and tackled all that eating so courageously and tenaciously. Your sacrifice is appreciated. Keep the reviews coming!
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Post by Jackie E » Sun 04 Jan 2009 19:38

Thank you for providing us with this excellent reference guide - we'll find it really useful. I'm particularly looking forward to trying some of the Perpignan restaurants - we've been disappointed so many times when looking for a restaurant there. Just a thought - there's very little posted for the Tet valley / Conflent area. I know most of you live elsewhere - maybe those of us in Conflent should redress the imbalance?? Here's a couple of comments for starters:
In Prades, the most exciting restaurant we've found has been Le Jardin d'Aymeric. It's more pricey than most of the others, but worth it for a special occasion. The menu constantly changes and the puds [not normally very important to me] are heavenly!
In Taurinya, the ambitious new Bistrot de Pays, El Taller, opened in November and looks very promising. A brand new construction built entirely of iron and glass [to reflect Taurinya's mining history] and with some very striking sculptures both inside and out, it provides an arresting new feature in this otherwise traditional mountain village. Run by a team of 3 very enthusiastic young men, you will find a very warm welcome, and it makes an excellent lunch stop after a visit to St Michel de Cuixa, just down the road. We ate there a couple of times in its first week; the menu is not extensive , but everything is freshly prepared, and we were happy with our meal. There was no set evening menu [we paid about 25 euros per head a la carte, including wine] at that time, though I believe there is a lunchtime menu.

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