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Off airport parking, Barcelona

Posted: Sun 14 Sep 2008 09:19
by edann42
Have decided to drive to Barcelona airport!! Does anyone know of inexpensive, off airport parking sites with shuttle to terminal? Seems parking at the airport is around 14 euro a day and we are on holiday for 4/6 weeks, so would need to take out a mortgage to cover this sort of cost!!!!!

Posted: Sun 14 Sep 2008 13:52
by Kate
Last time I flew from Barcelona, it cost me 110€ for 6 days parking plus of course petrol and tolls, well over 200€ for the lot.
Now I always take the train from Figuères (or Perpignan as Helen suggested) A taxi from the main Barcelona station Sants to El Prat airport is around 20€ + luggage supplement so either way it works out cheaper. even if you have to get a taxi to Perps or Figs (taxi 06 75 10 75 91 Europa taxi if required) Another possibility, as suggested by someone, is to take Frogbus or similar to Girona and pick up the train there to Sants, altough I presume that Frogbus only goes to airport and not station. Basically, what I'm saying is there are several more financially sound ways to get to the airport, most of which are not to much of a pain in the a---se, and which do not involve loads of changes. Eg Perpignan - Sants ->taxi or free shuttle to airport

Off airport parking

Posted: Sun 14 Sep 2008 15:01
by Rose
Sam and I treated ourselves to a hotel near the airport where we were able to leave our car free for a week. Don't know whether you could find one for such a long time.

Posted: Sun 14 Sep 2008 15:19
by carol sheridan
Rose, was that recently? I used to leave my car at the Vilobi Hotel when flying from Girona, but they now charge for parking even for guests, and so do most of the hotels close to Toulouse airport. My parking always costs me more than my air fare (Ryanair, of course).

Posted: Sun 14 Sep 2008 15:57
by john
Rose is right. If you really must drive to BCN,I'd recommend the BCN Tryp Aeropuerto

If you book far enough in advance they'll do you a room for 60-70 Eur,and you can leave your car there for nothing (it's in the nearby Mas Blau Business park),and use the hotel airport bus each way.

Characterful it aint,but the rooms are comfortable enough,and I'd suggest going out to eat ,as the food is bland and overpriced.

Off airport parking

Posted: Sun 14 Sep 2008 16:07
by Rose
I think that is where we stayed.

Posted: Tue 16 Sep 2008 08:29
by edann42
Thankyou all!

Posted: Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:16
by polremy
slightly off subject but we left our car in perps airport this time and it was really reasonable - 5 days for 21 euros 30.
we saved more than that by having our pate sandwiches at the airport before takeoff instead of a restaurant meal.
by the way, the restaurant at perps airport is only open at lunchtime apparently and even the shop was closed when we arrived at around 20.00.