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Interrail pass

Posted: Fri 16 Aug 2019 11:53
by gleber
We are looking at travelling back to Scotland by train and are looking at getting an interrail pass, has anyone used such a pass, can you purchase these at Perpignan station?
Gleber (fed up with all the Ryanair strikes)

Re: Interrail pass

Posted: Sun 18 Aug 2019 20:33
by Helen
I guess it depends on how many stop-offs/diversion you want to do on the way back to Scotland. If it's a case of just wanting to get back to Scotland by train, I'm sure it would be cheaper to buy a normal rail-ticket.- particularly if you can be flexible on dates, giving you the chance to opt for cheaper fares.

My sister did Edinburgh to Perpignan several years ago, overnighting in Paris and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

If you want to buy an inter-rail pass it looks as if you order online and they deliver it to you ... rrail-pass