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by dazzert66
Mon 18 Mar 2013 20:38
Forum: Hi Tech/Geek
Topic: uk tv online
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uk tv online

Found this site, shows all uk tv channels online and also mobile apps for i phone and android
by dazzert66
Thu 17 Feb 2011 18:37
Forum: Restaurant reviews and food matters
Topic: indian food
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indian food

Try this mail order indian food company,excellent food,good prices and only 4 days delivery from UK.
by dazzert66
Wed 16 Sep 2009 22:24
Forum: Hi Tech/Geek
Topic: Unblocking a mobile phone
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phone unlocking

Try this website,it works for older type mobiles.
by dazzert66
Mon 17 Aug 2009 22:39
Forum: Services & Trades
Topic: Air Con
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AIRONE in Elne, a guy called Michel,sorry aint got a number.
by dazzert66
Fri 19 Sep 2008 18:43
Forum: General wine topics
Topic: Save the cork oaks!!
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cork oaks

Near to where i live in Ceret a couple of familys have cleared some land and cut down hundreds of cork oaks to install caravans and set up a sort of scrap yard,I'm sure this must must be illegal,I also noticed a similar thing happening in Argeles behind Camping Canigou but this time it was UK regist...
by dazzert66
Mon 08 Sep 2008 11:08
Forum: Travel
Topic: Different types of diesel
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bio diesel

All diesel cars can run on bio,if you run a new car check your handbook to make sure it says bio diesel or you could loose your warranty,I make my own Bio diesel and have no problem at all running 5 cars/vans and it smalls of doughnuts.
by dazzert66
Wed 21 May 2008 19:10
Forum: Property & Accommodation
Topic: Electrcal fittings - working with them
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You stick a screw driver behind the cover plate and prize it off this will reveal two screws which you remove to access the switch connections.
by dazzert66
Wed 12 Dec 2007 20:07
Forum: Places to visit/Info about the area
Topic: Traps
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It is legal to set traps to catch foxes,badgers in season and other nuisance species as long as they are set properly and you must visit them at least every 2 days to check them,you must also have a Permis du Chasse and be a registered trapper.These rules do differ between regions and it may be ille...
by dazzert66
Fri 30 Nov 2007 17:46
Forum: Services & Trades
Topic: Wrought Ironwork
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wrought iron

Theres a guy in ceret behind Catena on the Zone Tech Ulrich near intermarché